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Volunteer Opportunities

The success of the Stratton Foundation is largely due to the many people who contribute generously of their time and talent to organize events, help in the office, and solicit contributions. We organize several major community fundraising events throughout the year. Help is needed in the planning, preparation and execution.

You can be involved as little or as much as you want to – from offering a few hours of your time to serving on a committee or assisting with an entire event. It is fun and very rewarding to work
side-by-side with others who care deeply about our community.

How to become involved?

Contact the Foundation office, either via e-mail or telephone Tammy Mosher at (802) 297-2096. Together we can talk about what you would like to do or you may offer some special skills or talents that we would be fortunate to utilize.

"Working as a volunteer for the Stratton Foundation's Winter Gala gave me a sense of community. I was pleased at how many people supported the event in so many different was. It also afforded me an opportunity to make some new friends, people I may not otherwise have met. Overall, I had a great time working on the event."
Ellen Giunta Co-Chair 2010 Winter Gala

Range of Opportunities

There are many ways that an extra set of hands can make a tremendous difference!
Some ideas of the help we often seek are:

• Join an event committee
• Manage a specific aspect of an event – i.e., décor, music, etc.
• Invitation/community mailings
• Data entry
• Telephone calls for corporate sponsorship
• Request auction items from local retailers (calling and/or visiting)
• Pick up auction items committed by local retailers
• Manage volunteers
• Monitoring silent auction items at an event
• Registration of guests at an event
• Selling 50/50 raffle tickets
• Participating in the event
• Decorating

Volunteer Appreciation and the 110% Award

The Stratton Foundation is proud to represent an entire community of donors, grant recipients, and business sponsors all sharing in the mission to improve the quality of life for the children and families in need in Southern Vermont.  We are also extremely grateful for our loyal and generous volunteers who do so much of the work for the Foundation’s great fundraising, friendraising and awareness events.

On Friday, August 26, Sky Foulkes, President of the Stratton Foundation and its Board of Directors, honored our volunteers with a lovely cocktail party at the Stratton Tennis Clubhouse and presented the Volunteer of the Year with the 110% Award.  This year, the award was presented to two very special people, Bobbi Schwartz and Elaine Villano, both of Bondville. 

"It is challenging to select a best wonderful person out of an entire pool of wonderful people, but these two ladies have demonstrated what it means to give it your all in order to make a difference." says Tammy Mosher, Foundation Coordinator. 

Bobbi SchwartzBobbi and her husband Jack have been long time friends and supporters of the Foundation.  Whenever a request is made for help, inevitably Bobbi and Jack are the first to respond.  This past year, Bobbi broke her pelvis and during a 3-day ski event, Bobbi was there selling t-shirts, playing games with kids, handing out prizes, and selling raffle tickets for the Foundation, all the while with crutches and a smile.  To us, this is beyond what any ordinary selfless person would do for others.  Jack and Bobbi ease the workload and make it fun for all. We are fortunate to have such dedication.
Elaine VillanoElaine first joined a major event committee last winter and was a vital contributor to its success.  While some volunteer to offer suggestions and ideas, Elaine also is one to accept laborious tasks.  She jumped in when manpower was low; she managed a vital part of a large event; and she also was our champion fundraiser with over $2,500 of sponsorships for the Foundation.  Elaine is a priceless asset to our upcoming season of events. We are delighted that she, with the support of her husband Jerry, will be working closely with the Foundation.

Please join us in congratulating two very valuable volunteers in and for our community.  For more information about the Stratton Foundation and our upcoming season of community events, please call Tammy Mosher at (802) 297-2096 or use our online contact form.. 

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