Stratton Foundation
Helping Families in Need Directly Affected by Hardship or Disaster & Supporting Programs
that Address Critical Necessities of Food,
Nutrition, Housing, and Heat.  
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Serving the Greater Stratton Mountain & Valley Community of:
Arlington * Danby * Dorset * Jamaica * Landgrove * Londonderry * Manchester
* Peru * South Londonderry * Stratton * Sunderland * Townshend * Weston
* Wardsboro * Windham * Winhall

Stratton Foundation Giving

The Stratton Foundation provides Moving Mountains for the purpose of identifying children and families that are struggling with basic living needs and require support with extra expenses as the children grow. Community & institutional administrators manage and allocate funds to provide basic living supplies, such as:

  • Hats, shoes, mittens, gloves, snowsuits
  • Gas cards, Transportation assistance
  • Food, grocery cards, gift cards for clothing/living supplies
  • Educational supplies, events, and opportunities not otherwise afforded
  • Personal care or health items

The Stratton Foundation maintains a Disaster Emergency Fund in the event of a qualified natural disaster, defined as severe weather such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood or damage caused by terrorist or military actions qualified by the federal government. These events will be administered through the Foundation's existing 'Disaster Relief' model established during the 2011 Hurricane Irene Recovery Plan.



Stratton Foundation Grants & Applications 

The Stratton Foundation Emergency Assistance Grant (EAG) provides direct financial assistance to individuals and families experiencing hardship due to an unexpected event or incidence of emergency beyond a person's control that in the short term makes it difficult to provide basic life necessities of safety, security, sanitation, for themselves and/or their families.

Consideration for assistance includes:

  • A resident within existing Stratton Foundation Footprint;
  • A result of a qualified short-term unexpected incidence;
  • Require referral/endorsement of incident from reliable third-party – i.e., Neighborhood Connections, food banks, Just Neighbors, churches, school administrator, Red Cross, etc., or otherwise at the discretion of the Foundation.

If you are in need or are reaching out on behalf of an individual or family, please complete the EAG Request Form or contact us directly at (802) 297-2096 or All personal information and documentation is held strictly confidential. Requests are reviewed by the Stratton Foundation Board of Directors as received.

Since 1996 the Stratton Foundation has traditionally awarded Community Grants [not to exceed $5,000] to programs that fulfill a need and intend to enrich the quality of life for the youth and families within the footprint of the greater Stratton mountain community. The Foundation accepts requests for community projects/programs that provide services of necessity, such as food, clothing, shelter, heat, etc. Requests & grant applications are reviewed within 30 days upon receipt by the Foundation Board of Directors or passed along to a formal Grants Committee consisting of the Executive Director, community members, and one Foundation board member.

To request a grant, please submit a letter/email to the Stratton Foundation at and include the following information:

  • Primary Contact title & information;
  • Town/Population within the existing Stratton Foundation footprint served/impacted by the program;
  • Necessity target / fulfilled;
  • Amount being requested.

The Foundation may require the completion of a McCarty (ad-hoc project) or Focus Grant (long-term project) application. For more information contact us directly at or call (802) 297-2096.

Annual Reports & Community Giving: